The Ventorrillo de la Buena Vista was built by the renowned architect Julio Vilamajó in 1946.
It is a national historic monument and one of the icons of Villa Serrana.

Supported by large log pillars, the Ventorrillo offers one of the best views of Villa Serrana.

It was built with native materials in order to maintain the natural characteristics of the place.

The former Ventorrillo

The Ventorrillo was abandoned in the late 1970s, being left to its own fate and suffering great deterioration.

A public call for bids was set up for its reconstruction and the concession was granted to Mr. Alberto Vignale. After a rebuilding process of almost two years, the New Ventorrillo was inaugurated on August 5, 2011.

In 2019, the Vilamajó Hall was inaugurated: a museum that pays homage to the architect of the Ventorrillo and where exhibitions by different national artists are presented.

Vilamajó Hall

” Fortunately, nature keeps something of primitive intuition within us. What would the world become if everything was explained or needed an explanation? Detestable, detestable. Magic exists, it has to exist, to perfume life and, as much as science may threaten to kill its mother, Magic, it will not be able. There will always be magicians or geniuses who will ensure that this does not happen.”

Julio Vilamajó